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Thoughts on 6x17 Silver Wings of Time (spoilers)

beautiful, stunning episode!

  • Jane really looks like he’s literally waiting for Lisbon to arrive at crime scene, like a little pup he seems lost without her - not used to not having her there beside him!
  • As before, Wylie is a wee cutie and providing much comedy
  • Lisbon’s sarcastic “cute” about the doll, something I always say so I enjoyed that!
  • Feels at Cho and Lisbon automatically backing up Jane’s reasoning at taking the case on when Fischer questions Abbott’s actions: “That’s good enough for me.”  ”Me too.”  Love u Fischer but don’t mess with the CBI stunners.
  • Just me, or did the kitchen in the widow’s house look very like the one used in the first scene of the Pilot? 
  • Fischer questioning Cho about Lisbon’s love life/Jane and his absolute refusal to talk about it <3
  • cuties having an all-nighter :)
  • Season 1 music being used throughout- loved that.
  • Not proud of it but I was shipping Abbott/Fischer for a tiny second there when she was saying “Dennis, you need to rest..”
  • Lisbon being fake upset awww
  • When Abbott came over to Jane at end and started talking about female psychic for some reason I was half expecting a cliffhanger return of Kristina Frye or something but we got the real last scene instead which was
  • AMAZING FINAL SCENE: between the music (<3) and the amazing acting from Simon Baker and Robin Tunney, this has to be one of my favourite Jane/Lisbon (not just ship-wise) of the whole show.  (Can you imagine if this scene had’ve happened in the CBI office whoaa)  It could not have been better.  and Lisbon’s cute wee jog.  but seriously, the way she was expecting the normal banter - her face when she says ‘Don’t start’, but then when he actually goes ahead and tells her she looks beautiful and she’s so taken aback by it. And she sounds almost regretful the way she talks about the napkins and the facial expression.  AND the swell of music before her ‘Goodnight, Jane”, the way her voice inflected up and the defiant little way she raises her chin at him. it was perfect. 
  • God I love this show

My contribution to the Hop Into A Hug In A Cup Campaign!  Sent off this morning, a box of camomile tea bags, a frog teddy and a paper frog all sent off over 5000 miles to Los Angeles!  So much fun being creative and getting it ready!

The best ever thing to happen though was when I went to the Post Office to get a stamp, I just got it out of the machine.  Irish stamps have photos of Irish wildlife on them, and by absolute chance (and I’m taking it as a good sign) what popped (hopped?!) out of the machine but a stamp with a little frog-lookalike newt on! 

If that’s not an amazing sign to get involved in this amazing campagin to save our show, I don’t know what is!

6x15 White As The Driven Snow: Spoilers

AMAZING.  So many wonderful elements and a top class farewell to Rigsby and Van Pelt.  

  • Rigsby/Cho/Jane: the lads hanging out reminiscing. Loved it, reminded me of the Season 1 trip to Las Vegas.  Old School Mentalist and one last fling for the boys, such a nice touch! And Rigsby the shipper - although I always fancied Cho as a secret shipper but alas :’(  
  • FBI offers for Rigs & VP: did they see my earlier tweets today hehe
  • Ben you absolute cutie
  • Lisbon mothering Rigsby :’(((
  • Abbott’s giving off speech to Jane reminded me of Minelli a bit which is always a good sign for me :)
  • I get CBI Kitchen feels when I see the FBI Kitchen.. ignore me plz
  • lol at yer man locked up downstairs.. and Cho “we would have helped them if they asked”  team feeeeeels
  • Jane boy you are looking well in that hat
  • When I thought Rigsby was dead my biggest concern was how Cho would react.  Top class acting from Amanda Righetti though, and Jane’s look at her <3
  • Hospital scene oh my babies all safe and reunited at last! Watching this felt like watching old Mentalist, c. Season 4 or so? so natural and satisfying, felt like nothing has changed- gorgeous. Loved it anyway.  
  • Nice mingling as Fischer (who was looking class btw!) and Abbott came in aww all best friends Old Mentalist and Mentalist 2.0 all together, feels like a handing over of the reigns!
  • Jane and Lisbon and all their hugs, really felt like the parents were leaving the kids alone to play, but then again Cho/Rigsby/VanPelt have always been their kiddies
  • The fact Cho has tears in his eyes in the last scene and looks a bit crestfallen when they say no to FBI future. Also his wee pat on Grace’s leg = me crying.
  • Jane and Lisbon at end- so glad to see them back on form :) 
  • Also, just to say the music was absolutely top notch in this episode, felt like a film score or something, unbelievable credit to Blake Neeley & co.

Overall, loved it, gonna say one of my favourite episodes ever.  Farewell Wayne & Grace, go enjoy your happily ever after <3  And to Owain and Amanda, and the writers/directors/crew/other characters that made them what they are, thank you for everything.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

As it happens, this is my one year anniversary of publishing my fics!  It’s been a crazy year, but I’ve loved every second of writing fics and getting to know you all :)  

Here’s the first fic I published this day last year, the aptly named “Saint Patrick’s Day.”  I hope you all had a lovely day today, wherever you are in the world, but from here I’ll just say Lá Fhéile Phádraig daoibh go léir! x


"The new guy in the mailroom is hot…"

"Is he?"


How J.D. the mailroom guy felt about leaving the CBI -and Agent Lisbon- after the FBI shut it down!  Please check it out and if you’ve any suggestions for any other minor characters you’d like to be included in the set, send them my way surely!

Aftermath: Silver Decade

"decade: (noun) 1. a period of ten years; 2. a group, set or series of ten."

A collection of 10 oneshots dealing with the reality and aftermath of catching Red John after 10 years. 

First Up - Sam of “Pete and Sam” fame!

Two fics up today!

Guarding The Night: The first is set mid-season 4 and is Van Pelt x Rigsby but NO FEAR! There is Jane x Lisbon in it too so please do give it a shot :)

Valentine’s Day: The second is for Valentine’s Day and looks at Jane & Lisbon on this special day throughout the years and how far they’ve come :)

Both are dedicated to the memory of two wonderful ladies, one whose birthday would have been today, and the other who was laid to rest today.  They are much loved and much missed x